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Fly Fishing for Women – What to Bring and Do

women fly fishing

Fly fishing is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy. Men and women, young persons as well as the “young at heart” can definitely experience the thrills and joys of fly fishing. Of course, the adage of different strokes for different people will always apply in fly-fishing as different people will have different needs. This article would like to give out some suggestions to women out there who would like to experience the joys of fly fishing.

Fly Rod

The first thing that you should do is to but the fly rod that is best for you. A fly rod has many characteristics that may confuse novice users. This guide would like to narrow down the choices of rods for beginners,

It would be prudent to ignore the high class fly rods that are being advertised because this rods will cost a fortune. AT this stage, beginners are still unsure if they will pursue fly fishing or not. It would be better to avoid high cost in the event that said beginner may not pursue fly fishing.

Fly rods come in many lengths. Super long and short rods populate the market, as well as those in between. For beginners, the best rods to be have are the 9 feet ones. 9 feet rods are considered as the most versatile of rods. It is not so long and cumbersome for novice.  Its also not so short. Short rods are used in little streams and as such, are limited. The 9 feet rod offers the best of both worlds.

Fly rods also come at different “weights”. Do take note that the term weight in fly rod parlance does not measure the weight of the rod itself but the possible weight of the catch. As such, rods with a higher weight rating are designed to catch bigger fish. So there isn’t really a recommendable weight for beginners because the weight classification will depend on the fish preference.

Beginner Tips

The first thing that one should learn in fly-fishing is the casting. The casting is the process where one flips his rod so that the bait and the hook can be catapulted into the air and into the water. Casting is usually stereotyped as a motion that needs brute force to enact. This is erroneous as casting involves accuracy and grace to perform. There are three basic casting techniques that every novice must learn:

  • Overhead Cast
  • Roll Cast
  • Side-arm Cast

The three casting techniques differ in the method of delivery. The overhead cast, as the name would imply, involves the catapulting of the bait and hook using an over-the-head motion. The side-arm Cast catapults the same bait and hook (and the line too) using a side-arm action.

One thing that a novice women has to learn is the different kind of fishes that one might catch and the necessary equipment for each category. As alluded above, the weight rating of the rod will affect the range of fishes that are suitable for said rod. Beginners usually go for the smaller fish as this will mean lesser strain on their part. This preference is perfectly understandable as novices are just getting used to the constant casting motion. Another important part is making sure you have fishing waders that will work in any season. 

Lastly, one should know the different kinds of fly fishing environments. Streams ponds and lakes might appear the same for the untrained eyes but different sets of equipment will be needed to perform well. This is a skill that beginners should grasp early on to insure that one will always b prepared in the best way.

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Recap Of Our Favorite BJJ Fights and Gear of 2017

MMA Gear

Alabama Extreme Cage Fighting persevered over a few obstacles this weekend to put on an outstanding event in their first sanctioned event under the new Alabama Athletic Commission.

Despite being dealt a tough blow when six of the 13 scheduled bouts were cancelled at weigh-ins due to medical reasons, new manager Jake Clairday found a way to keep the show running smoothly.

Due to the six bouts getting pulled, five fights ultimately were waged with titles on the line. Shelby Hill went on to win the heavyweight novice championship, Cory Lay earned the lightweight novice title, Albert Hagl won the featherweight novice belt, Cody Shelton took home the featherweight advance title, and David Fortenberry won the heavyweight advanced AXCF title.

Clairday spaced out the event by adding a handful of Karate exhibitions including a Bo Staff exhibition by youth athlete Dylan Fry, a Sword demonstration by Abby Franks, and a Nunchuck demonstration by Caitlin Andrews that that amazed the crowd.

Jake also thru in an incredible continuation sparring demo by Caitlin Andrews and Melissa Clairday and a full out grappling demo by Brett Meeks and Talyn Hopper. The second grappling demo was cancelled due to a no show by Wesley Dunlap.

The IBJFF also has a lot of new and upcoming fighters in this years 2017.  For more info check out their IBJJ page or take a look at US Combat’s BJJ Gi Reviews.

Here is how the night’s fights lined up:

Tidwell Vs Patterson – Tidwell wins by KO at 53 sec of R1

HWT Novice Title Fight – Taylor Vs Hill – Hill wins at 1:14 of R2

LW Novice Title Fight – Lay Vs Sanders – Lay wins at :42 of R1 by Submission due to Rear Naked Choke

145 lb Novice Title Fight -) Blackmon Vs Hagl – Hagl wins at :46 arcs of R1 by KO

HW Advanced Title Fight – Smith Vs Fortenberry – Fortenberry wins at 2:12 of R1 by KO due to armbar

145 Novice Title Fight – Shelton Vs Galli – Shelton wins @ 1:21 of R2 by KO due to side choke

AXCF Complete results as reported LIVE from the fights by Alabama MMA. 6 MMA Fights, 3 Karate Exhibitions, 2 Grappling Exhibitions and an all female Continuation Sparring exhibition

The IBJFF also has a lot of new and upcoming fighters in this years 2017.  For more info check out their IBJJ page or take a look at US Combat’s BJJ Gi Reviews.

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How to Make the Most of Book Promotion Sites

When you are a writer in the beginning stage of your career, it is very important to find the most reliable sources and support to help you publish your work. There are numerous book promotion sites you could consider but how beneficial are these for you?

Moreover, what should you do to find the best ones to select for your type of work? How to reach the top place on promotion lists to engage new readers and transform them into potential paying customers? Let’s discover together how to make the most of valuable book promotion websites so that you might make your work become visible online.

book promo 2Do Your Research Before Anything Else

Now that you have gone through the challenging stage of creating something worth reading, it is time for you to analyze the market and see which promotion sites might be worth considering for what you have created.

Some might want to promote your work, others may not but the question you should ask yourself is related to which are worth your efforts. You know you have created something valuable, you have already received positive reviews for your work so you should only choose those websites that match your requirements to ensure good publicity for your work. You should also submit your book to as many free book promotion sites as possible, as you have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, by doing so.

Sell Your Work Well

Most book promotion websites have all the chances of ensuring good publicity for your book but this does not mean that it will sell just by appearing there. You need to establish an attractive way of presentation for your book on these websites so that you might attract the attention of your audience.

Moreover, if you present the work that you have written in a better way as compared to others, you will gain more chances of being promoted before them. Any new step forward in the world of book promotion highly increases your chances of selling your work or at least increasing your audience and becoming more popular as a valuable writer.

Clear Messages Are the Key Elements

The main idea behind the promotion of written work on popular websites is that they have access to all the audience you want for your book. They put you out there on the map and give you the opportunity to be discovered by those who matter in the industry. However, you must also be confident of your work and deliver a clear message through them to your readers so that they might understand the real value behind your written words.

Get Out There and Create a Name for Yourself

Reaching the right audience is always challenging in the world of written books. There are so many new materials made available online and in libraries that it sometimes seems impossible to get noticed from all those other writers that have created something valuable as well. However, you can only become known as a writer these days if you are present with your materials online. Moreover, make sure you are present everywhere you should at the right moment to enhance your chances of gaining noticeable results as fast as possible.

The Power of the Online World

Good promotion websites, such as Book Bub and Goodreads, know all these aspects and gain their power from their choice of online users to access favorite books on the Internet rather than from other sources. If your book rates well on popular promotion websites, you will become the new name that everyone talks about sooner than you think. It is enough to be discovered by some of those readers that are active online and they will share your information and work with many others who will do the same. You can even wake up one morning and find your name everywhere on the Internet.

The Bottom Line

This is the beauty of the online world that has been created in our society. You can go up and down in seconds if you are on the right website discovered by the right people at the right time. Online users decide your road once you get their attention. Your duty is to get there and make sure you offer something valuable for them to read and share with others. The rest will become the history of your own success story.