Smoking vs. Vaping: What is the difference?

smoking vs vaping

In the 2000s, an alternative to cigarette smoking was introduced by a Chinese Pharmacist, Hon Lik. This modern electronic cigarette spread faster than wildfire all over the world as it promised safer “smoking”.

Despite its claims of being way safer than tobacco, a lot of people were actually skeptical. Even today, there are many who believe that e-cigarettes used in vaping are just as evil as traditional cigarette smoking. This is not quite shocking considering that this new alternative is relatively young, it was only introduced publicly in 2006.

Despite attacks from critics, these vape pens and vape tanks have actually been promoted and endorsed by some health organizations because of several factors. In order to delve into these factors, let us look into the components of the two types of smoking.

Traditional Cigarette Smoking

Data can never be denied especially when it comes to the number of deaths due to cancer linked to hardcore first-hand smoking or secondary smoking. As the world knows, tobacco cigarettes contain so many chemicals that are harmful. Tobacco even contains tar, particles that contain thousands of carcinogens. About 70% of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes have been deemed as agents that cause cancer. And when these chemicals find its way to a body, it does not let any organ escape from its ruthless implications. They impact organs directly and indirectly.

True enough, tobacco cigarette smoking, the traditional cigarette, has been proven to cause health issues from minor coughing to major lung cancer. Data has it that the largest cause, which is avoidable, of death around the world is smoking tobacco. Smoking actually kills 6 million people all over the globe every single year.

why vaping is the better alternative

Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Even when there are critics who attack the positive claims of e-cigarettes, it has been established that the major harm which these new cigarettes have posed is the fact that it contains nicotine which can be a major contributor to dependence. However, it is safe to say that dependence is much lighter than lung cancer, heart disease and all other illnesses that accompanies tobacco cigarettes. Fortunately, there have been no studies that provide strong evidence about vaping being life-threatening like tobacco smoking.

One notable study, however, published in 2015 by New England’s Medicine Journal was that vaping at very high temperatures, formaldehyde was produced as well as inhaled. In the same study, it did point out that vaping at moderately high temperatures did not trace formaldehyde. A

As previously mentioned, the vaping trend is relatively young compared to tobacco cigarette smoking and this is probably the main reason as to why there is not much information found on the effects of vaping which belong to the long-term category.

Surely, as time will pass by, more and more researches will be conducted on the implications of the use of vaporizers as e-cigarettes. Positive and negative information coming out of these studies will definitely be useful when comparing the two types of smoking. But as of now, we can safely say that vaping is the better way to go. Less chemicals and less health risks are significantly important when it comes to deciding which is better between the two.